Kasper’s utilizes the best products in the field, and in the store. Zodiac®: the parent company of Polaris® and Jandy®, has been providing top quality products to Kasper’s since we began servicing pools in 1988.

Zodiac® is known for a range of products, most notably being the Nature2® mineral sanitization systems for pools and spas. Zodiac® also produces Cense®… a chlorine-free & scented hot tub oxidizer.

Polaris® is best known for their industry-leading pool cleaners. Kasper’s has the expertise to repair, replace, or install any Polaris® pool cleaners. Talk to a sales associate in the store to learn more!

Jandy® was made famous with their lubricant free valve design. Still the best valve on the market, it’s all Kasper’s uses for our custom plumbing jobs. Besides valves, Jandy® offers many other products that make dealing with your pool easier.