Kasper's has been doing liners since the eighties!

With 20+ years of experience, you can be sure your new liner will be installed right.

Draining the poolDraining the pool

Draining the pool

Draining the pool and preparing to install a new liner.



Another look at the pool draining and what it looked like before it got the Kasper’s treatment.

Begin PreparationBegin Preparation

Begin Preparation

Beginning the prep work on the walls. Kasper’s diligence here pays off in the long run.

Wall Foam AdhesiveWall Foam Adhesive

Wall Foam Adhesive

Kasper’s uses top quality adhesive to make sure the wall foam stays in place until the liner is seated. No floppy foam here!

Attaching Wall FoamAttaching Wall Foam

Attaching Wall Foam

Kasper’s installs wall foam on all walls to provide a softer feel, and to protect the liner from the rear. This, along with a properly measured pool, will ensure a smooth finish that will last for years.

Suction FitSuction Fit

Suction Fit

Kasper’s forcefully removes the air from behind the liner. This provides suction that perfectly seats a custom liner.

Filling the PoolFilling the Pool

Filling the Pool

This pool is ready for water!

Cutting InCutting In

Cutting In

Here we can see the final step, cutting away the excess.



This pool is finished and looks beautiful with its new Vyn-All® custom replacement liner!